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Please find below a selection of recent press releases from AWE Ltd covering our products, products launches, events and other news:-

AWE Spring Watermark

The Autumn 2015 Watermark

Boiler and Hot Water dosing features prominently in the Autumn 2015 Watermark.

Also in the Autumn 2015 Watermark we're looking at bespoke Vee notch tanks for open channel flow measurement.

To add to our Autumn issue we introduce Andrew Lomas to our team of external service engineers and feature some must read technical tips on the installation of sensors in to pipework.

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AWE Spring Watermark

The Summer 2015 Watermark

In the Summer Watermark 2015 we have a long look at our Rinse Water Controller which is specifically designed for the surface finishing sector. Water usage can be high in the plating industry and our rinse water controller is designed to reduce the usage of this resource, and of course reduce the cost associated with it too.

We're also taking a look at developments with our new liquid level electrode holder the LE8 which is designed to be simple, cost effective customisable to suit almost all applications.

We've also got a bit of a sneak peak at the 2015 Surface Finishing show too!

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AWE Spring Watermark

The Spring 2015 Watermark

In the Spring watermark we have our new C+ Series of dosing pumps joining our heavy duty black dosing pump range. The new C+ Series are perfect for the precision metering of chemicals and the smaller footprint allows them to be installed where space is a priority.

With a huge turndown ratio and the ability to meter deliver up to 4.7 Litres per hour at up to 5.6 Bar pressure these pumps are great for most water treatment applications.

We also have details on simple liquid level control switches and how to dose where gravity may cause syphoning.

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AWE Winter Watermark

The Winter 2014 - 2015 Watermark

Our heavy duty, 'Tuff as old boots' black dosing pumps are back in the Winter Watermark, complete with their impressive turndown ratio and manual stroke adjustment.

We also welcome back Mandy Wardall to the team and announce the launch of our 2015 AWE limited catalogue. We also look to boiler water sampling and the measurement of total dissolved solids or TDS.

Finally in the Grapevine we look at a customer who's requirements highlighted the difference between using a turbidity measuring system to using a coriolis meter or Mass Flow Meter as part of a custom skid.

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pH Controllers

AWE pH controllers can be found in process controland in effluent treatment systems throughout the world

AWE effluent treatment solutions have been a regular feature throughout a number of industrial sectors since 1982

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